Organic Futures Aotearoa

Organic Futures Aotearoa is a privately owned limited liability company. It was established in 2009 and its purpose is to service the organic producers of food and wool.

Our services include

  • sourcing certified organic produce;
  • buying and selling store stock;
  • linking organic producers to processors;
  • co-ordinating the constant supply of organic produce;
  • identifying new markets for organic food and wool;
  • sourcing and supplying stock food and supplements.

Organic - what does this mean?

The stock, seeds, feed, food and fibre we supply and market are all certified as organic by a certification authority - either Organic Farm New Zealand, Bio-gro or AsureQuality.

This means that they

  • have been produced without chemical pesticides, herbicides or chemically-treated fertilizers;
  • are free from genetically engineered organisms;
  • are processed without artificial preservatives or other additives;
  • are produced by ethical and environmentally sustainable practices of farm management.

Organic Futures is dedicated to economic as well as environmental sustainability for organic production and processing. Our fees are negotiable but generally reflect the input required from Organic Futures to match prime producers with prime markets.


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